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Social media optimization services help businesses to build trust online among their users. RankON Technologies offers the best quality SMO services for small to large size businesses for the past few years and we have a record of helping clients in building better social media trust for their brand.

We understand that every business is not the same so we have a customized social media optimization strategies for every type of business to provide them with the desired success they are looking for.

What Is Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization is the process of improving the visibility and reach of a website or web page on social media platforms. This can be done by optimizing the website or web page content, as well as the social media platform profiles and pages. Additionally, social media optimization includes using social media tools and techniques to improve the visibility and reach of a website or web page.

Our Social Media Advertising Services

Our dedicated Social Media Marketing services include but not restricted to the following platforms:

Social Media Marketing

Elevate your brand with our Social Media Marketing Service. We design strategies, create engaging content, and run impactful campaigns to boost visibility and connect with your audience across diverse social platforms. Let us fuel your digital success.

Social Media Management

Effortlessly maintain a dynamic social presence with our Social Media Management service. We handle content curation, scheduling, and engagement, ensuring your brand remains active, relevant, and resonates with your audience.

Social Media Brand Management

Shape a magnetic online brand presence with our Social Media Brand Management. We curate, amplify, and safeguard your brand’s identity across platforms, ensuring a captivating and consistent digital footprint

Social Media Follower Growth

Unlock exponential growth with our Social Media Follower Growth service. We employ strategic tactics to organically expand your followers, enhancing your brand’s influence and engagement

Social Media SEO

Ignite your brand’s visibility and engagement with our Social Media Optimization (SMO) service. We fine-tune your social media profiles, optimize content for shareability, and implement strategic tactics to maximize reach.

Video Production

Bring your brand to life with our Video Production service. From concept to creation, we craft visually stunning and compelling videos tailored to your brand identity.

Social Media Content Writing

Transform your social presence with our Social Media Content Writing service. We specialize in creating captivating and shareable content that resonates with your audience.

Social Media Reputation Management

Safeguard and enhance your brand’s image with our Social Media Reputation Management service. We monitor, respond, and strategically shape perceptions to build a positive online presence.

Our SMM Work Includes

Digital Markitors don’t believe in talks! We do what we promise and we promise what we are best at! As the leading social media marketing company in Delhi, we provide affordable social media marketing packages that give positive results. Whether you are small or big, in India or outside, our team of experienced professionals will help you gain active and positive presence across social media platforms.

Social Media Audit and Strategy

We evaluate the current performances of all your social media pages to develop strategies for improvement.

Content Creation and Promotion

Digital Markitors helps you create a buzz across the social media platforms with our crisp, relevant, and interactive content.

Multi-Channel Integration

Reach your full potential with our effective multi-channel integration strategies to efficiently connect with your audience.

Social Media Advertising

We evaluate the current performances of all your social media pages to develop strategies for improvement.

Social Listing and Monitoring

Digital Markitors helps you create a buzz across the social media platforms with our crisp, relevant, and interactive content.

Tracking and Reporting

Reach your full potential with our effective multi-channel integration strategies to efficiently connect with your audience.

Call to Action

Enrich your WordPress site more interactive by adding a gorgeous looking call to action widget.

Grow Your Social Media Accounts Organically And Inorganically Through Result-Oriented Social Media Management Services

Social Media Strategy & Planning

Social media strategy is the foundation of social media management. If you are looking to manage or create your social media accounts, then you will need a comprehensive social media strategy. As a social media management company, we design strategies that will help you meet your business goals through your social channels.

It is a plan that helps you identify what social networks you should be on, what content you should be sharing, and how you will generate engagement. Moreover, our social media strategy is a living document, meaning it is always changing as you grow as a business.

Designing Profile

Social media platforms are overpopulated with businesses that don’t have a profile. It’s important to have a profile because it will be your direct point of communication with the customer. Ideally, you want your social media profile to be the first thing people see when they search for your business on social media platforms. That’s why it’s so important to have a good profile design.

 As an experienced social media management company, we can say that a great profile design will make your business stand out on social media platforms. A poorly designed profile will make people overlook your business and go to a competitor.

Content Creation

Content creation is one of the most vital tasks for the success of any social media campaign. It will not only help you to stay in touch with your followers and provide them with the latest news about your company, but also help you to generate more traffic to your website.

A great content strategy will help you to drive more traffic and create an online presence for your brand. In order to keep up with the fierce competition in the online world, you need to stand out from the crowd and make an impression on your target audience.

Scheduling & Posting

When you have a busy schedule, it becomes difficult to deal with the social media tasks that you have to perform. If you have a business and you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your social media accounts, then you need social media management services.

Our specialists will do tasks like posting, scheduling, and more. Not only will this help you to save a lot of time by doing this, but will also enhance your visibility on social media.

Inbound Engagement Monitoring

How do you measure the success of your social media marketing efforts? Quite simply; by tracking the engagement of your posts. It helps to find the best time for social media posting, and to make the content more interesting and valuable to the customers. It includes the analysis of the content for social media, tweets, and posts which help to determine what is the most popular among users and what should be posted more often.

Influencer Management

The lifestyle filled with glitz and glamor of influencers attracts everyone. If you want them to work in your goodwill, then you must know that influencer management is a spectacular way of growing your social media accounts by connecting with people who are already engaged with your target audience. As a social media management company, we will search and match your business with influencers who have similar taste of audience and can contribute in increasing brand awareness.


Traditional marketing involves advertising through TV, radio, magazines or newspapers, while social media marketing focuses on gaining traffic through diverse social media channels. Social Media Marketing is known to be a much faster and economical way to promote a brand or a service, than diverse types of traditional marketing methods.
Search Media Marketing or SMM is part of Search Engine Marketing. Both of these processes are focused on increasing visibility in search engines. While SMM deals with marketing websites on diverse social media, SEM goes much beyond that and tends to include method that can get search engine traffic like PPC advertising. For long lasting results, organic SMM is ideally the perfect solution.
The world has gone social now, with almost every brand striving to make their presence felt in diverse social media platforms. There are numerous social media platforms available at the moment, some of the major ones being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit.
Yes, we can surely handle you accounts in diverse social media channels. We make sure that each of those accounts are updated regularly and are orderly responsive as well. Our approach towards handling diverse social media accounts depends on the target audience.
Yes. Social media marketing can be both easy and effective for small business owners as long as they opt to post actively on diverse social media platforms. You can choose to market your small business through popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. It is prudent to set a schedule to regularly engage with your followers in these pages, so as to get the best possible results.
Yes you can get good ROI with social media marketing. Efficient and effective social media marketing goes a long way in enabling businesses to convert clicks into sales, as well as visitors into loyal customers. SMM helps companies to magnetize customers through attractive and interesting content, and encourage them to seek out the product/ services of the brand.
Yes. We can provide you with video advertising facility through Youtube. Video ads on Youtube can provide you with the opportunity to connect with your potential customers in a highly memorable and unique manner. It is one of the most effective tools to show people why they must care about your brand or product.
While there are certain platforms that allow you to delete bad comments or reviews, others do not. While you can delete comment on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn, you would not be able to do so on Facebook and Twitter.
As social media is evolving consistently, the results you get through it would depend on a number of variables. These include the time and effort being put into your social media marketing management process, as well as your audience and strategy. The fact that whether you are using paid ads or not would also influence these results. It is crucial to note that good SMM is a marathon and not a sprint, so expecting slow but good results would be a prudent move.
Social media KPIs are very important for tracking the effectiveness of SMM campaigns. At Brandstory, we keep an eye on the following KPIs: Number of likes Engagement of users Followers growth Social interactions Web visitors by proper channel Social visitors for conversion rates Traffic conversion rates Social shares
For measuring the success of social media marketing campaigns, you can use a combination of quantitative and qualitative assessments. It can include engagement metrics, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rates, follower growth, reach and impressions, etc. By assessing all these factors, you can easily measure the success of social media campaigns. This gives a holistic impression of your ad posts on the social media platforms.

Our Social Media Management Strategy

Here is a detailed review of our social media management process

Research And Analysis

Research and analysis is known to be a mainstream of a social media management process. At Rankon Technologies, we do exhaustive research and analysis to fetch the right audience for your business. The success of any social media efforts needs proper research and analysis.

We start the social media management process by doing extensive research and analysis. This requires carefully examining the client’s industry and target market. By doing this, we make sure that we are tailoring the plan to the client’s requirements rather than using a generic strategy.

Competitive Analysis

The next step is a comprehensive competitive analysis. This entails paying careful attention to what rivals are doing. The study enables us to comprehend what appeals to target consumers (and what doesn’t). Through this, we can easily avoid techniques or tools that don’t attract consumers. With the research’s comprehensive data on social media trends at our disposal, we create content using the powerful social media tools that resonates with the client’s intended audience.

Strategy Development

The next step in our social media management approach is strategy development. It is a plan that outlines our client’s social media goals and measures their performance.

Our specialized staff creates customized strategies for each client’s use of social media.

We make sure to meet and surpass our client’s goals and objectives while always keeping their bottom line in mind.

Content Creation

We understand the significance of engaging and relevant content in establishing a strong social media presence for your company.

Our content creators take the time to comprehend your brand’s voice and goal in order to make sure our material is in line with your company’s values.

Our group of proficient content creators can produce anything from informational infographics, imaginative carousels, and videos that will draw in your audience as well as keep them captivated.

Social Media Advertising

To guarantee our clients get the best outcomes from their advertising campaigns, we create a tailored plan. This aids them in reaching their desired audience and generating leads for their business. Our team of experts has a wealth of expertise in creating and offering insight into the various ad forms. Also, we specialize in maximizing the return on investment from advertising initiatives (ROI).

We put a lot of effort into creating a thorough plan that considers the demographics and psychographics of the target market, financial constraints, platform best practices, and the characteristics of the brand itself.

Community Management

From the very beginning, we involve the community members, and we take note of their needs and feedback. We engage with the community and develop a sense of belonging among the target audience. With such strong connections and bonds, we are readily able to get our message across.

Our skilled community management specialists also keep track of important indicators, like likes, comments, shares, and other information. This gives us important insights into the success of our interaction and the growth of the online community. Last but not least, we may modify and improve our procedure in accordance with the data gathered to retain the audience we have accumulated.

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